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Read some testimonials from practitioners of Bikram's Hot Yoga who have experienced many benefits from weight-loss, relief of physical injury, life-style related ailments, improved sports performance to amazing personal growth.


Neck Injury

To Whom It May Concern,
In 1997 I suffered from a severe neck injury (similar to whip lash) with chronic neck pain as a result. Treatment over the last 13 years has included countless physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors without any relief. I resorted to consuming a lot of pain killers to allow me to cope - which no longer seemed to work. The discomfort, frustration and constant pain meant I was also taking medication to treat anxiety. Within a month of attending the Bikram Studio at Prahran I was pain free. No more pain killers! My Chiropractor was amazed. Not being in constant pain has had an amazing impact on my life, my energy levels and my ability to concentrate. The discipline of attending Bikram Yoga regularly has also helped me to reach many other personal goals - I no longer require the medication for anxiety (which I was on for over a decade). I feel calmer than I ever have before.
Thank-you to all the instructors at Prahran.
Namaste, Alison
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A Fan in Munich!

Dear Bikram Yoga on Bridge Road
I first did Bikram Yoga with you guys in 2007 whilst visiting my family in Melbourne. I loved it immediately and kept up the sweating back here in Munich, where I live. Rowena was there in 2007 and I still have a giggle about the time she caught me trying to sneak out for a break. You'd think, with all those people in the room, she wouldn't notice, but NOT SO! Fab teacher! I was back in Melbourne again recently and decided to drop in at Bridge for another go. I'm delighted to say that it was every bit as good as back in 2007. A big thank you for your ongoing commitment. It is a joy to come into a place where people are doing something good for themselves, and where this is supported with so much enthusiasm
To Faye and Sarah, in case you're reading this: t'was lovely chatting with you. See you on my next visit
A fan in Munich!
Jane Eskdale, December 2009
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Full night's sleep!

To the Bikram Yoga crew at Prahran, I was a first timer in your 6pm class last night. Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved it and for the first time in ages had a FULL night's sleep afterwards! Thanks a lot! See you tonight!
Sara Piper
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I do sleep better!

Hello lovely Tessa!
Everything is very crazy at the moment and I didn't get a chance to come to my last yoga class in Melbourne on Wednesday so I therefore couldn't say goodbye to you and give you a hug and say THANKS! Thanks for sending your positive energy and sparkling personality my way each time I visited. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways and a thank you (and the team) for guiding me through to where I am today. I'm a lot happier and way calmer and..... wait for it..... I DO SLEEP BETTER!!! Ok, I still have some sleepless nights but yoga has taught me how to get through it. It ensures that my body is nice and relaxed and when I get home from a class, I'm so absolutely exhausted that I cannot do anything but sleep! It's taught me that if i can get the most out of everyday then sleep should come a lot easier.

If I can achieve little things each day then my mind will be content and will allow me to rest and to achieve other little things the following day. Sooner or later these little things will start adding up to something big : ) The move to Sydney is a little scary but I know deep down that it's the right thing to do for Cath and I. It just feels right. I'll miss my 3- weekly yoga classes at Tessa's Academy of Torture but I have no doubts that my classes up in Sydney will be equally enjoyable. I have to say Tessa that you've got me hooked for life. I've never known anything so good for me... ever. I've never been so flexible, I've never been so relaxed and my body has never been this toned before. It's all good!

Thanks again Tessa, both Cath and I wish you and Jamin all the best for The future. NAMASTE!!!
Mat & Cathy Cottle
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My wife is on her sixth consecutive class now and is just loving it...

Dear Lisa,
Thanks for sending the information through to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the two classes I have completed so far (Laura's on Monday night and yours on Tues night). My wife is on her sixth consecutive class now and is just loving it - so good for her. I'd go more often if I could, but work and family make it a little tricky.

I've already recommended your classes to friends and some members of the health club I manage in the CBD. I'll try and get the most out of my 10 day intro classes, so may get one of your classes again. Anyway - just wanted to say thanks. Always good to try new things....nice change from the gym.
Take care,
Simon, 'Health Club Manager'
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Amazing way to stay fit during pregnancy

Practicing Bikram Yoga whilst pregnant was great physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was an amazing way to stay fit during pregnancy and prepare for labor. it also helped level out any emotional mood swings and stay focused on the journey that lay ahead. My baby loved it as well, i especially loved watching him go crazy in my belly after camel pose! i feel the yoga also helped my body 'bounce back' after the birth. I would recommend Bikram yoga to pregnant mumma's everywhere!
Megan Georgoulas
Baby Max 7 months old.
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Positive changes - body, mind, spirit.

Hi Tessa,
Bikram Yoga has helped me to make positive changes in my life – mind, body, and spirit. I’m more calm and don’t let things get to me easily, I’m more compassionate to myself! I find that I have increased my inner strength and stamina not just in the physical sense. My flexibility has greatly improved and I can now “keep up” with John when it comes to rock scrambling when we go hiking/bush walking, whereas the first time he took me, I was such a wooze! A few years ago, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (Graves disease).

Call it chance or what but I’ve been off medication since I started and regularly practice Bikram Yoga. My regular blood test/checkup always give me a good tick. Even my GP is amazed and very pleased. I remember the first time I did the class, I only managed to do the first three postures and I laid down the whole time. I tried to flee out the door, but Dagmar was sooooo strict and she wouldn't let me out and made me lie down. I'm very glad that I did what I was told, otherwise, I wouldn't have discovered the amazing benefits of this most amazing yoga!

John enjoys practicing Bikram Yoga, too, and he finds that it complements with his extreme outdoor sports – mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, to name a few. Thank you so much to you and the whole team in Richmond/Prahran. You have wonderful teachers, and I feel blessed.
Verena Gomez, I.T.
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Problems disappear

Hi Tessa,
I am really grateful that I found Bikram Yoga. I am having great struggles with my health, mentally and physically, due to weight loss. In the 2.5 weeks I have been attending, some of my problems are starting to disappear.

I think this style of yoga is fantastic. It is both extremely challenging and relaxing. I used to suffer from migraines, and they had been occurring as a result of over exercising. I used to do a fair amount of gym, gym classes, and running; all practices that stressed my body out. I used to be in constant pain, having regular massage yet it did nothing.

On my third class, I had an emotional release. It was amazing. I had so much pent up issues that I never knew were there. Whilst in the class the postures allowed them to come up. Initially my mind took control, and I wanted to escape the class. But thankfully the teacher stopped me, and guided me in the appropriate ways. She told me to sit down and let it out. So that's what I did. I am so grateful that she helped me. If I had left the class my system would have blocked the release and i would have had a migraine. I know this because as I let the tears out, everything hurt. My stomach, my eyes, my head. just like the way it would hurt if I endured a migraine.

I trust that if I keep practicing it will help my body re-balance. As I rigorously dieted in the past my body and mind have become damaged. Yoga is also helping me to deal with my negative emotions, and to see my own truths and realities, not what my mind likes to create. I think that all your instructors are great. They put great energy into creating a positive environment for everyone practicing Bikram yoga. I love that they are friendly and caring, and focus on helping everyone in the class (compared with most other gym classes which only instruct but don't correct). The Melbourne centre, overall, is a great space to be a part of. Thank-you for creating such a wonderful environment!
Namaste, Liz Cox
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I've lost quite a bit of weight and I'm mentally calmer too!

The first time I tried Bikram Yoga was about 3 years ago. The three classes that I did during my 10-day Introductory was ultra hard work. But, I couldn't help but liking the after class feeling. I slept soundly those three nights!!!

About a year ago, I gave up my gym visits and started routinely doing Bikram Yoga three times a week. It has changed my life. I now eat better. I automatically drink lots of water and sleep better. I've lost quite a bit of weight and I'm mentally calmer too! All in all, I have never felt better about myself and life! Most days, the classes continue to feel very challenging but the after class yoga buzz also keep on coming.. =) I love it! I'm so glad I tried it and will definitely continue doing it!!! Thought I'd share this with you before I leave on my honeymoon break.. (I am a little worried about the first class after the 6 weeks break!)

With special thanks to Amrei, Laura, Camilla for the constant guidance, support and the much enjoyable yoga sessions!!! Wishing you all a festive holiday season, one very merry Christmas (for those of you who celebrate) and joyful New Year... Look forward to seeing you all again in the new year. :)
Hugs & Namaste,
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Special thank you to Ashly who instructed this morning...
Dear Tessa,
I have been fortunate enough to have found Bikram Yoga after many years of exercising in gyms and martial arts, only to find myself injured constantly and unbalanced. Although I am very new at Bikram (I am on my 2nd lot of 10 class pass) I am absolutely loving it and the benefits it is giving me. It has helped me regain confidence after a shoulder injury, as well as helping me on a personal, inner level.

Aside from my words above, I am e-mailing to say an extra special thank-you to Ashley, who instructed the class this morning in Richmond at 6am (Thursday, May 21, 2009). It is one of the best classes I have done yet! I felt really motivated to push myself under her instruction, even though I was feeling a little off this morning. She also greatly assisted me in pointing out where I have been going wrong in a couple of postures, that I previously thought I was doing correctly. Please can you ensure that this is passed on to her, as I got so much out of it. I usually do Thursday evening classes due to work commitments, however getting up this morning and being a little late to work was well worth it!!!!

In saying the above, I feel that all the instructors at Bikram Yoga Richmond are fantastic - and I thoroughly enjoy every class, however Ashley really has a special knack! Have a wonderful day!
Susanna x
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I am writing as a new enthusiast of Bikram yoga.

Dear Tessa,
I am writing as a new enthusiast of Bikram yoga. I recently moved into the Prahran district and took on this new health regime only a few months ago and absolutely love it! I have found it to have wonderful rewards for my mind and body. It has reduced stress levels, strengthened my body and has helped assist in lower back and neck problems - haven't seen the chiro in months! I would like to comment on the team who are also working for you... I have found them all to be most professional, highly skilled, encouraging and helpful with all to reach maximum outcomes with the 26 postures. So thank you!
Sharn Swann
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I tracked down the only Bikram studio here in Dubai

Dear Tessa and everyone at Bikram Yoga Richmond,
I tracked down the only Bikram studio here in Dubai and am 2 months into my routine of 5-6 classes per week - haven't managed to start another 60 day challenge (yet!) though. Just wanted to drop you all a line to say that my passion for Bikram, founded by your studio is continuing but I am missing Ashley's massages, Tim's quote "Eat something delicious", at the end of class, Camilla's "Lift the leg, JUUUUM", in Eagle pose, Annabelle standing on my feet in Cobra Pose and the friendly smiles from all the instructors at Richmond Bikram. Hope everyone is well and can't wait to join in a class when I next visit Melbourne.
Take care,
Lara Zeidler :-)
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